We grow organic vegetables

We grow organic vegetables
in Michigan year round.

The principals of Green Spirit Farms LLC have researched numerous approaches and investigated various technologies used to grow organic vegetables using Vertical Farming techniques. With the assistance of Omega Garden we have developed a commercial approach that have deployed at our New Buffalo, Michigan location since 2012.

Our business concept is to use the Volksgarden Rotary Garden units in a multi level system (referred to as a Rotary Vertical Growing Station or RVGS) as well as a multi level tray system (referred to as a Vertical Growing Station or VGS) growing orgainc produce near large urban markets reusing older vacant or under utilized industrial or commercial buildings. This approach using this technology will provide several harvests per year of organic vegetables grown “extremely local”. This approach will significantly reduce transportation and supply chain management costs and offset large quantities of carbon by locating the farm near the markets where people consume the food, versus in remote growing locations. This approach using the Omega Garden technology uses significantly less water than conventional farming and typical hydroponic growing systems. The Green Spirit Farms Organic Vertical Farm will eliminate agricultural run off and associated soil erosion impacts improving water quality by eliminating these primary sources of water pollution.

We can operate sustainably 24/7 and simultaneously (at no additional cost) reduce the “carbon footprint” associated with traditional food supply. Our approach eliminates unforeseen severe weather events that negatively impact yields of high value vegetable crops (suchas floods, drought and early frost) resulting in more stable production and stellar risk management – year round.

We will grow our vegetables using carbon neutral or renewable energy and offer our expertise to others who desire to have fresh, pesticide free vegetables year round. We know this is the right approach at the right time.